No More Fear

I cry for comfort

But you asked me for courage

And that, is much harder to find

Barely bringing loss to mind

Is a painfully impossible task


Every moment is another goodbye

To what was, or could have been

I can’t seem to win

This battle against time

The future, you see, keeps changing my mind.


So goodbye me of yesterday

Tomorrow calls, with much to say

I’m leaving all my fears behind

For a stronger love to find

And I’m never

ever looking back.



The Walking Dead

There she is

confined in the coffin

of her unlived dreams

drowning in the sea

of her little dead things

but she doesn’t even know

what is happening

and that

is the saddest part.

Life flew by

and she watched it die

right before her eyes

dawn just turned to dust

love was reduced to rust

her diamonds, remained uncut.

What is she now

but an empty shell

without a song to sing

or a story to tell

besides the sad tale

of her once beating heart

and the mess that remains

now a priceless piece of art.

Art, never truly dies.

It only is, immortalized.

It’s been a long long time

Since I could look you in the eyes and say I’m fine

You took the breath out of my broken bones

When you left me here alone

To die in what I thought was love Image

The Real Problem: Knowing.


“For with much wisdom comes much sorrow; the more knowledge, the more grief”

Ecclesiastes 1:18

Knowing. That’s the real problem. Because once you know, well, then you have to make a choice. You can’t just continue to lie to yourself, or try and convince your other half that action isn’t necessary. Because the truth is, that someday you’ll wake up and realize that knowing has haunted you, and it still is. It won’t stop until you act. Until you choose to accept it, move past it, and be wiser for it, you will continue to live in your own shadow of half being

            Your members will remain separated, and are at war. No matter how hard you’ve tried to fight it, the war within often finds its way out. It emerges, with its ugly head of lies flailing, and in shock you ask yourself the question, “who was that? Who am I?”

So what do you know? What question lingers in your mind at night and flies out from the deep crevices of your soul in the morning?

If you realize this is you, then it’s not too late. You haven’t passed the point of no return until you lie yourself into believing you shouldn’t act, and furthermore that what you thought you knew wasn’t true for one reason or another.  You haven’t lied yourself dead, so be thankful.  Now is the time to turn back. Now is the time to take action, while you still can.  Every detour has its expiration date.

So, take what you know now, and grasp it firmly. Look back, and say goodbye to who you were, before you knew. Then step forward. Step beyond what you knew into what you now know, and will know to come. Step into the “you” of tomorrow. Step forward into the “you” that could be. The better, brighter, bolder “you.” The “you” that is possible.

Keep on stepping. Never look back.

You know. So now what are you going to do about it?


-kbh 8/17/13



You only see in half-lights,

which is just another word for lies

one foot in sunlight, one in the shade

the two toned faces, demean and degrade

hiding, not hoping

not laughing, just moping

fear, not facing

love, erasing

an endless chasing

of what may never be

Do you see my friend?

You are anything but free.

Butterflies and Hurricanes

You swept

Over me like a tidal wave

Yes, morning came

When I looked into your eyes

I saw the sunrise, bright

and full of hope


inside, I am flying high

only you and I have any clue why

and I see my butterfly heart

breaking out

now, unafraid of anything. 


What moments
Have been stolen
From us by Time?
I cannot number them

But today
Tomorrow is infinite
And not a second more will be taken
From my fearless grasp
Goodbye will remain
Just a distant word
Which I can scarcely remember
When I gaze into your eyes

Every day before us, is now gone
And eternity waits ahead
That we may hear its secrets
An pick up our swords
For this love
Is worth fighting for.